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Welcome to Progressive Home Inspection, proudly serving the Greater Charleston and Myrtle Beach Areas with Licensed Home Inspectors and Licensed Pest Control Inspectors. We produce modern Home Inspection reports, which are emailed to the customer within 24 hours of the inspection in an easy to read, full-color pdf format. Every Home Inspection we perform always includes a CL-100 Termite Inspection. We use the most up-to-date training and equipment and offer many additional add-on services that can be performed at the time of the inspection. If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home in South Carolina, Progressive Home Inspection is your “one-stop-shop” giving you and your agent the important information needed to make the final home buying or selling decision.

We were completely satisfied with the inspection services of our home that was performed by Progressive Home Services. Brad and Jason were highly professional, on time with their appointment, and complete in their assessment of things in the home that needed attention. We highly recommend their services.

Brian & Karen K.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Your One-Stop Home Inspection Company

With a background as a general contractor and years of experience as a home inspector, having performed hundreds of inspections, we’ve seen a thing or two. We’re here to give you the peace of mind you’re looking for as you proceed with the most important investment most of us will ever make. We provide an affordable way to make an informed decision about the home you’re about to purchase. Allow us to work together with you and your agent during this time.

General Home Inspection

Our inspectors walk the roof, climb in the attic and suit up to inspect that
confined, dark and dirty crawlspace.

Pre-Listing Home Inspection

If your selling a home, we offer you a complete CL-100 Termite inspection at the time of the home inspection.

CL-100 Termite Inspection

We offer you a complete CL-100 Termite inspection at the time of the home inspection.

Specialty Services

We offer a wide range of specialized services.

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General Home Inspection

Let Progressive Home Services inspect the property or home you’re interested in buying from the roof to the foundation, providing full color pictures and descriptions of what we see. Our goal is to create an educated client who understands what the condition of the potential home is in, allowing them to make an informed decision.

Our inspectors walk the roof, climb in the attic and suit up to inspect that confined, dark and dirty crawlspace. We come prepared and trained for the job.

When we’re finished with the inspection, we will email the report to you within 24 hours.

Our Full-Color Reports come with hyperlinks to diagrams and drawings should there be an issue that needs to be addressed. Allowing you to better understand what needs to be repaired or replaced.

The areas of focus will be:

Sidewalks, Driveways, Steps, Porches, Decks and Balconies

Exterior Wall Covering

Interior walls and ceiling

Kitchen, Bathrooms, Laundry and Garage



Concrete foundation or sub flooring on raised homes

Roof, Flashing, Skylights, Gutters and Drainage from the Home


Doors and windows

Doors and windows


Chimneys and fireplaces

Heating and Cooling Systems (HVAC)

Condo / Townhome

Up to 1000 sq ft  


1001 to 2000 sq ft


2001 up to 3000 sq ft


Single Family Homes

Up to 1500 sq ft


1501 to 2000 sq ft


2001 to 3000 sq ft



Crawlspace up to 3000 sq ft


Homes over 25 years


Homes over 50 years


Homes that are 3000 sq ft and above please contact the office for pricing.

Price includes sales tax

We accept cash, check, debit and credit cards

CL-100 Termite Inspection     

Progressive Home Services is a licensed pest control company making us one of the few home inspection companies who can also offer you a complete CL-100 Termite inspection at the time of the home inspection. This convenience will help speed the closing process and allow the home buyer and seller to know the status of this vital report.

The CL-100 Termite Inspection can be performed, and made available at the same time as the Home Inspection or at a separate time just before closing.

CL-100 pricing

Concrete slab





Homes that are 3000 sq ft and above please contact the office for pricing.

Price includes sales tax

Pre-Listing Home Inspection

If you’re selling a home, there is no need to wait until the final days of closing to see what may need to be repaired or replaced. This may affect the asking price or cause you to make rush repairs costing more than they should. Progressive Home Services can ease the worry about what might be found during an inspection. This way, you know what needs to be addressed. You can make the inspection report available to the buyers and their agents, along with receipts and pictures showing what has been repaired or replaced. This makes the buying process more transparent and run smoother.

A pre-listing home inspection is one of the best investments you can make prior to listing your home for sale. It’s a powerful sales tool at your disposal.

We offer two choices of Pre-Listing Inspections:

Package 1

The full standard inspection, which is the same as regular home inspection.
see prices above

Package 2

HVAC – Roof – Plumbing – Electrical
Special Offer: Only $149.00
If there is a significant price reducing issue that might open the value of the home to negination it will be in these four areas.
If there is an issue, let us find it first, allowing you time to decide either to repair or replace the issue or adjust the price of the home to reflect
the repairs that need to be made. This keeps you in full control of the negotiation process.
Progressive Home Services performed a pre-listing inspection for us and found 7 issues we were unaware of. We are thankful they found them, as it gave us time to make those repairs before we started the sales process. Having sold a house before, I know once the home reaches the closing process all I can do as the seller is reduce my asking price based upon the what suggested repair cost will be. We know their inspection saved us several thousand dollars. Thanks, guys for a great job!”  
J. Howard

Surfside Beach, SC

Specialty Services

Thermal Imaging

All homes are subject to heat loss, moisture intrusion, air leaks, duct leaks and equipment failures.
Using the most advanced thermal imaging camera’s on the market, we are able to show you color photos of the condition of the insulation in the attic and crawl space. We can spot leaks in the HVAC ductworks to see if there is cooling or heat loss. We can identify current moisture intrusions in the roof, ceiling or walls. You will want to know if the ceiling, walls and floors have air leaks. We can see if the windows, sky lights and doors are doing their job to keep the heat or cold out. Most importantly we can determine if electrical components are running hot and if the circuit breakers are operating at a higher then acceptable levels. In addition to the home inspection, including thermal imaging is one of the most important investments you can make, giving you the potential to save thousands on utility bills and catching safety issues before they become problems.

Mold Testing

South Carolina is a sub-tropical region of the county. That being said, a home located in our warm, humid Southern climate must diligently focus on moisture control. Should moisture develop, mold growth is not far behind. Mold does not always require a major leak or flooding in order to develop. Kitchens and bathrooms are always the first places to look, but mold growth can occur throughout the home. Catching mold in its early stages and eradicating it is essential. The most comprehensive way to ensure your new home is mold-free is with an Air Quality Mold Test. The certified technicians with Progressive Home Services will take samples and send them off to a lab for analysis. The lab results will tell us if mold is present, what type of mold it is, and if a mold specialist will be necessary to determine the location and method of removal. This is recommended as part of any home inspection and should be performed every couple of years as part of your moisture control program.

Lead-based Paint Testing

If the home you’re looking to purchase was built prior to 1978 it’s always a good idea to have the paint tested just to have peace of mind. Should lead be found, safety precautions will be provided.

Asbestos Insulation and Siding

When it comes to asbestos insulation and siding you only have a concern if the home you’re looking to purchase was built before 1977. The vast majority of asbestos insulation and siding installed in homes occurred during 1930 through 1950. If the home was built prior to 1977 and within those years it’s a good idea to have it tested.

Water Quality Testing

If the home is supplied by a well system, one of the most important inspections is water testing. The water should be tested for many things including water hardness, metals, like lead, cadmium, and arsenic, in addition it can identify contaminants and prevent water-borne diseases. The water needs to be tested by a laboratory that is found on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) website. If the home has a septic tank, it will also need to be tested to ensure the system is working properly.

Radon test

There has been much interest in Radon Testing recently and with good cause. It is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. Testing for radon can not be done during a normal home inspection as it takes a minimum of three to five days to perform a proper test. In addition to that, the levels of radon can vary greatly throughout the year. The best way to test for radon is to install plugin radon testers at the lowest points in the home and monitor it throughout the life of the home. These can be purchased online or at your local hardware store.


If the new home your buying has a pool, it’s important to know that every aspect of the pools operating system is working as intending. Progressive Home Services will inspect the pool surface, edge, filter and provide you with a plan to care for the pool.

Outbuilding / Detached structures Inspections

Many homes include a shed, outbuilding or detached garage. Progressive Home Services can inspect these building to determine how well they are built. Much like the house, we inspect the roof, framing, siding, and foundation of the buildings. We will let you know if there is anything to be concerned about. 

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