home inspectionIt’s normal to have a home inspection before you buy a home. It’s a precautionary measure that home buyers take to ensure that they are getting their money’s worth. It’s by a thorough home inspection that the true value of the house is understood. However, should the home buyer really be at the site when the inspection is being done? It’s one of the questions a lot of first time home buyers ask. Read on to know more.

Should you really be there during the home inspection?

The simple answer here is that it’s optional. Yes, it’s not something that you, as a home buyer, are obliged to do. However, there are benefits to being at the site when the inspection is being done. Much like a home inspection isn’t really required but highly recommended. You take it just because it makes life easier for you when you make your purchase. Who wouldn’t want to know what they’re getting especially when they are paying good money, right? That’s the gist of it. Now let’s get into more detail.

Reasons why you should be at the home inspection

  1. Ensuring you get your money’s worth – being at the inspection is basically making sure that you are getting a front-row seat when the curtains are drawn. You get first-hand experience and a good look at what the house is really made of. Of course, you should also hire a reliable home inspector for the job. With you being there, you can also tell the inspector to take their time. A thorough Charleston home inspection will take a few hours to complete.
  1. Inspectors can tell you what you need to know – if you spot something out of the ordinary inside the house, you can ask the inspector about it. The inspector would often oblige and answer your question. When you’re there, you can really get into all the details and you would also get a clear idea if the house is worth the asking price.
  1. You can ask all the questions you want – you really don’t want to get into a done deal without knowing all the specifics. Being at the home inspection means that you can ask all the way. You can choose to ask about all the details about the house that comes to mind. That’s one perk that you can’t get if you weren’t at the inspection.
  1. Potential buyers can get a closer look at the house before purchasing – a home inspection is what it is, close-up inspection of the current state of the house. As a potential buyer, you also get the chance to learn your way inside the house before you can sign all the papers.
  1. You can bring concerns to the inspector’s attention – the great thing about being at a general home inspection is that you can bring up things to the inspector right on the spot. Instead of having to contact the inspector after the job has been done, you can shed some light on issues that you deem are necessary.

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