home inspectionEver wondered what’s included in a home inspection? Before you buy a home, you are given the freedom to enlist the help of a home inspector of your own choosing. That means you have full control of the situation. You will also be avoiding any biased results in favor of the seller. With this in mind, you can rest assured that by hiring a reliable home inspector you are getting a thorough assessment of the home and its value. This will also give you a clear idea of what the property is really worth and comparing it to the asking price. Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in most home inspections:

The areas that are included in a home inspection

Crawlspaces and basements – the basement and crawlspaces are not the typical areas you would spend time in. However, these areas must be inspected thoroughly to avoid any widespread mold or any termite infestation. Since these areas are not directly visible, it is necessary for a reliable inspector to carry out the inspection. Any Charleston home inspection carried out by a reliable inspector would take a closer inspection of areas that cannot be easily accessed.

Roof and chimneys – other areas that are included in a general home inspection are the chimneys and roofs. Just like crawl spaces and basements, the roof is also not easily accessible. Although the roof and chimneys can be seen afar, it doesn’t yield any real results, unlike a close-up inspection. This is why the inspection must be done by a reliable professional.

Plumbing – any general home inspection will include checks on plumbing. It is necessary to have the plumbing checked thoroughly to ensure no major issues happen after the purchase. Everything from valves, fixtures, down to the very last pipe connection will be checked.

Electrical system – the electrical system is one part of the house that must be checked. While it’s not all the time that there’s an issue with the electrical system, it still should be checked. For homes that are more than a few decades old, it is important to have the inspection done. Some electrical wiring that is old enough might not fall into the existing electrical codes in the area. That’s the reason why it must be checked out before buying the house.

Always hire a reliable home inspector

Before you purchase a house, be sure that everything is laid out perfectly. Of course, this includes a thorough inspection of the property. While the seller would normally say that everything is fine, it’s not a guarantee that it is. Hiring a professional home inspector will confirm everything that the seller is saying about the house. Any issues big or small will be detected. However, do be sure that you are hiring a reliable inspector. Only choose a contractor that can deliver great results. Buying a home is major undertaking that requires a lot of preparation. Don’t skimp on the inspection process to avoid problems in the long run.

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